Meet your customers

Artificial Intelligence applied to e-commerce.

Zanyal, Meet your customers

Improve the conversion rate of your online shop, answering the questions of your visitors at any time. You can increase up to 50% the chances of selling if the user doesn't leave your site because of a doubt.

Solve the problems of your customers in real time to improve their engagement. Transform an error into a good customer experience. Maybe, a referral.

Free your Customer Service staff from the tedious assignment of replying messages so they can focus on more valuable tasks.

Scale your Customer Service!

Our solutions

We can help your Customer Service with each of their tasks. Choose your favorite product!!

FAQ Search

Did you spend a lot of time writing a very detailed FAQ that nobody reads? Maybe, your visitors can't find the right answer to their questions...

Try our FAQ Search on your site and check how the number of tickets decreases.

I'm interested!

Ticket Solver

OK, not everything can be solved through the FAQ! But sure than half of your tickets are actually replied with a template.

It would be great to automate those answers (and many more!) to let your Customer Service staff focus on the most complex questions, right?

Yes, of course!